Amazon Announces Prime Reading

To make the pot sweeter for the $99 annual Prime membership, Amazon is offering free books—comics, ebooks, magazines, and short works—as part of Amazon Prime Reading.

Amazon Announces Prime Reading

The gist of the new Prime section is that U.S-based subscribers will get access to some of the service’s literary and periodical library. Other than that, the only thing of note is that it’s all that extensive and the material available is limited to publishers and authors who are making their content available to the service.

The new approach is most recent in Amazon making strides to get new subscribers on board with a service that offers largely the same thing, but probably isn’t drawing in customers. One such service is Prime itself. Earlier this year, Amazon offered two affordable alternatives in addition to the full Amazon Prime experience in the $9 Prime Video and $11 Prime which gets users access to Twitch Prime now as well.

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