Amazon Strikes Deal With ATSG Inc For Boeing Jets

Amazon Strikes Deal With ATSG Inc For Boeing Jets

Amazon has signed an agreement with aircraft leasing company, Air Transport Services Group to lease twenty Boeing 767 freighters, says Reuters. Amazon says that the purchase of the jets will allow for it to provide better service to customers getting the one and two day expedited services.

As reported throughout January and February, Google has been making moves to build up its own delivery services ecosystem by investing in and getting patents for delivery drones and self driving delivery trucks. It’s only natural that Amazon—which has held a firm hold on online shopping for years—would expand its services to stave off a very real threat from Google.

This expansion approach includes picking up shipping contracts overseas, opening physical stores to shorten delivery time and distance in New York City, and working diligently on its drone delivery project scheduled to launch sometime in the next few years. That last project could be a priority now that Google is really pushing Project Wing.

The deal with ATSG runs for five to seven years with Amazon being able to pick up 19.9-percent of the company over five years. The jets will take to the skies with Amazon cargo April 1.

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