Amazon To Open Additional Bookstores In Chicago and Portland

Amazon To Open Additional Bookstores In Chicago and Portland

Amazon is looking to open more bookstores with Chicago and Portland serving as the locations of two new stores. So far, only the Chicago location is known to be opening next year. The company has one other store in Seattle, but there are stores planned for New York City and San Diego.

By opening physical bookstores, Amazon does what it did with its physical “everything” store in New York City and allow for customers to actually enter an establishment and peruse shelves for something they want—something that is still alluring about bookstores even though Amazon’s dominance has proven to be trouble for them in the past.

Physical stores also help to get Amazon presence out there even more as there are potential shoppers who either prefer to shop in person instead of online or would like to get their items as soon as possible without paying shipping and handling fees.

If the bookstores are successful in the markets they’re appearing in, we could see even more different region’s major cities.

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