Amazon Go To Launch In 2017

Amazon announced the new Amazon Go store earlier today. The service’s main selling point is eliminating the need for lines and checkout.

Amazon Go To Be Launched In 2017

According to Amazon the store would work via an approach it calls Just Walk Out Shopping. Customers would use their Amazon account, the Amazon Go app to purchase their goods ahead of time, get their goods, and leave.

The lynchpin of Just Walk Out Shopping is technology that keeps track of what is taken or returned to store shelves and what is still in the shopper’s shopping cart on the app.

Amazon Go is an extension of the company applying its assembly and delivery line approach to what is often the most tedious part of shopping in person at a store—the checkout line. Amazon has been extremely busy this year in developing services from physical bookstores and grocery services to entertainment-related services.

If you’re in the Seattle area and you’re interested in trying out Amazon Go, it opens 2017 at 2131 7th Avenue.

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