Amazon hopes to fire up sales with new virtual coins for Kindle

Amazon hopes to fire up sales with new virtual coins for Kindle

Amazon has announced that come May of this year they hope to increase the number of apps available and customer downloads with a new virtual currency for Kindle Fire. The new service would be used to purchase apps, app add-ons and games from the Internet retail giant’s Appstore.

The Internet retail giant is hoping the virtual currency use will also lure more developers to create new apps and gain more customers. Company execs state that app developers will still earn their standard percentage in share of revenues when customers make a purchase with the new virtual currency. They see the new currency as a win-win proposition for themselves and app developers with the increase in both the number of apps available and customers purchasing the apps.

To kick off the new program, Amazon plans to give millions of dollars’ worth of the virtual coins to current customers. Kindle users will also be able to purchase coins through their Amazon accounts. Current Amazon developers in the U.S. Appstore won’t need to do anything to be a part of the new program. However, developers looking to become part of the program will have to act soon, as in by April 25th to be included when the new coins become available.  Amazon is hoping that by launching the new virtual currency they will see a continued boost in conversions of both developers and customers from other platforms.  Kindle customers are among one of the largest groups of app download users in just the U.S. alone.

Amazon sees this a an exceptionally easy way for customers to spend more money on downloads from the Appstore as they won’t have to constantly be charging their credit cards or bank accounts. Most likely just like with other gaming apps, customers will be able to purchase bundles or packs of the virtual coins that remain in their account until used. One can presume that Amazon will most likely tout the new service as a way to save money by purchasing large bundles of the virtual currency. The exact way the service will work remains to be seen. As of the latest statement released, Amazon had not yet offered any hard details on how they plan to give the free coins to their customers. So far, company execs are playing this one close to their chests. Whatever they do, we can be sure it will be with their usual trend-setting style.



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