Amazon Is Expanding Further Into Food Services

Amazon Is Expanding Further Into Food Services

Tech giants are always expanding into other areas with food and grocery delivery being a favorite as its a service that will always be needed and can always be grown upon. Amazon has been involved in food sales via its site and delivery in a few markets, but is now looking to present its own line up of Amazon-branded food.

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The line will run the gamut of produce, dairy, and cereal among others. According to the Wall Street Journal Amazon is looking to team up with TreeHouse Foods to come up with products for sale and likely be sold through the AmazonFresh brand and service. The brand has been available in a small number of large cities for some time now and has really put the brand out there with the highly praised Amazon Prime delivery.

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By combining the convenience of its delivery business and offering its own variety of meals and produce, Amazon is even closer to being the one stop shop that gives brick and mortar stores a hard time. It seems as though what will give those brick and mortar stores some breathing room from Amazon is if the quality of food and meals offered aren’t on par or better—and the fact that the service isn’t available everywhere.

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