Amazon Drops Prime Membership To $79 One Day Only

Amazon Drops Prime Membership To $79 One Day Only

Amazon will drop the price of its popular Amazon Prime service to $79 tomorrow. With the $20 cut customers will get access to shopping discounts and Prime Video content.

The catch is that the deal is only available for tomorrow. This means if you’ve been eyeing a year’s worth of Prime but the price is a turn off then $79 is as good as it’s going to get and the window is a short one.

The discount comes as the company is about in time for the debut of The Grand Tour, a driving show which stars James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame. The show will debut tomorrow and the price drop could be seen a means to push the show.

Amazon hasn’t specified if potential The Grand Tour viewers will be able to watch the show via a Prime Video membership instead of a full Prime membership, but it’s likely it will be available on both pricing tiers.

For UK customers, Amazon has an ongoing Prime discount at £59, dropping from £79. This is the same price drop from last year.

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