Amazon Reportedly Looking To Purchase RadioShack Stores

Amazon Reportedly Looking To Purchase Some RadioShack Stores

With Amazon recently opening its own physical store in New York and smaller shops in various malls, the company is looking to expand at a faster pace. The online retail giant could be planning to purchase a number of the dying RadioShack chain’s stores to accomplish this.

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RadioShack is scheduled to file chapter 11 bankruptcy soon and has been booted from the NYSE this week. In its 92 year history RadioShack has amassed over 4,000 stores and in-mall shops in the U.S alone. Amazon and Sprint are looking to pick up a number of those stores with Sprint eyeing up to 2,000.

In under a decade Amazon has expanded from being just a commerce entity into a true technology powerhouse. The company has developed its own tablets, streaming devices and hardware. The company also handles streaming media, self publishing and original award-winning content. On top of that, the company will be producing its own films this year.

In 2015 there are still consumers with an aversion to online shopping and annual cyber attacks on retailers and other companies don’t help things. Amazon purchasing just a thousand brick-and-mortar stores would give the company a nice sized net to reel in those same consumers in addition to giving long time Amazon customers an option to shop in person.

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