Amazon’s Fire TV Head Joins Apple

Amazon's Fire TV Head Joins Apple

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Timothy Twerdahl, director over the Fire TV division at Amazon will join Apple as vice president and will be over the company’s Apple TV division, according to Bloomberg.

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Since 2013, Twerdahl worked in the Fire TV division making sure everything rolled out properly and that it kept up the momentum it had built. He was also involved with a Netflix team and WIMM—both of which would go on to other levels in the tech industry as the Netflix team he worked on became Roku and WIMM was picked up by Google the year left for Amazon.

With such a career background and his work Fire TV, it’s not surprising Twerdahl was picked up and will be used in a similar role with Apple. According to Bloomberg’s report, it looks as though Twerdahl will allow for former director Pete Distad to tend to his duties in establishing deals with Eddy Cue.

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