Ambassador Advises U.S Not Take Japan’s Side In Dispute Over Islands

Ambassador Advises U.S Not Take Japan's Side In Dispute Over Islands

According to China’s ambassador to Washington, Cui Tiankai, the United States and other countries should be concerned with the rise of Japanese nationalism. This comes as China is in the midst of a disagreement over a series of island located in the East China Sea. Japan addresses the island as Senkaku while China calls it Diaoyu. While uninhabited islands should be of no consequence, the islands actually sit on top of energy reserves, adding an air of importance to the Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute.

Ambassador Cui doesn’t believe that the U.S should encourage or endorse Japan in this situation. Last month saw Beijing protest a ten boat voyage near Senkaku/Diaoyu. The boats were carrying activists. Also last month, Japan raised the ire of China and South Korea when lawmakers visited a shrine that two countries viewed as a beacon of past Japanese militarism.

Cui believes that the U.S is aware of Japan’s acts. In a report with the Xinhua news agency, Cui stated “The U.S side should stay alert against the recent provocative actions taken by Japanese political leaders.” He also added that it was Japan acting provocatively in regards to the islands.

The U.S is said to not have a position in the Japan-China dispute over the islands. The U.S does have a security treaty with Japan which means it would have to jump in to back Japan if the dispute should turn violent in Japanese territories.

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