Android Micro-Console Manufacturer Ouya Could Be Put Up For Sale

Android Micro-Console Manufacturer Ouya Could Be Put Up For Sale

According to an internal memo, it appears that Ouya is planning to sell off its business after things haven’t panned out how it expected financially. Currently Ouya is in debt and failed to meet one of the conditions of an investor. Not only that, but renegotiation over handling the debt fell through as well.

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In the memo CEO Julie Uhrman is said to have written “We are looking for expressions of interest by the end of this month.” This doom and gloom plan of action is far from the optimism Uhrman expressed almost three years ago when the CEO had goals of making Ouya a competitor to the big developers and console manufacturers and a haven for indie developers and retro gaming enthusiasts.

In those shining days of the Ouya it managed to pick up $8.5 million in crowdfunding–an extremely impressive feat at that time. The console offered plenty of things for retro and casual gamers, Android hobbyists, and those who were simply curious about the console.

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At a price much lower than both bigger league competitors and micro-console competitors, it seems as though the Ouya would’ve done well enough to warrant the original “new console a year” approach the company meant to take. Whatever the fate of the company, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the company proper or the console.

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