The Final Beta For Android P Is Available Now

The Final Beta For Android P Is Available Now

With the public release of Android P a few weeks away, Google will release the final preview of the OS version today. The beta 4 version will be similar to the initial release version with all the features and the like.

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There’s still time for a few new features to be added or things to be cleaned up but as it stands Android P is probably what we’re going to get when its released as Android 9.0. One is the zoom lens for text selection. Sometimes it can be hard to get that text selection just right to highlight everything or even tap in the right space to start texting. This feature lets you get in tight by zooming in. It’s a welcome feature.

If you take tons of screenshots, then you’ll find some use for the new editing feature. That means the need for an extra app to do what you should’ve always been able to do is at an end.

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I’m pretty interested in the ability to track down apps that continue to send notifications. Often times, it’s not that hard to figure the culprit but on that rare occasion, it can be annoying because it’s not an app that stands out or one that you use daily.

For the full list of features, check out Android Police. They admit they might have missed something but most of everything is there. Also upon public release, Android P should have a name. It would be an odd time to change up that tradition, right?

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