Android-Powered Console The Huawei Tron Slated For 2014 Release

Android-Powered Console The Huawei Tron Slated For 2014 Release

With the lifting of the 14-year ban on gaming consoles in China, native electronics company Huawei are entering the Android-powered micro-console arena occupied by Ouya, Mad Catz’ MOJO, NVIDIA Shield, and others.

Called the Huawei Tron, it will pack more speed than the Ouya with the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, and a heftier 32GB of storage compared to Ouya’s built in 8GB. It’ll also have the general features that come with micro-consoles and major consoles such as HDMI, a wireless control and it supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and USB 3.0.

The wireless controller is setup like the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller with the placement of the analog sticks and directional pad along with the SNES face button layout. Also featured is a sizable touch pad similar to the ones found on the Ouya and PS4.

While the Huawei Tron hits the Chinese market later this year with a price tag of $120, it will likely be available for a global release via various wholesalers. The price tag puts the console at a higher price range than the Ouya, but still lower than the MOJO and Shield.

At the moment it’s unknown what the support and ecosystem of games will be like—whether it’ll have its own ecosystem like Ouya or run with the Google Play lineup—or if it will be an open console like Ouya. One would think that being Android-based it would allow for side loading and all manner of customizing and tinkering about, but we’ll have to wait and see.

With Ouya having plans to release the Ouya 2 later this year, Huawei’s Tron could face some more competition from a micro-console that should be comparable in power and could give it a run for its money if it sticks with the $99 console battle cry.

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