Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Are Coming To Mobile In Fall 2016

Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem Are Coming To Mobile In Fall 2016

Earlier today Nintendo announced that it would be bringing two more of its first party brands to mobile. The extremely popular strategy RPG Fire Emblem and the life sim Animal Crossing are two mentioned at the moment. Also mentioned was the March 2017 release window for the Nintendo NX console.

Nothing else was mentioned about the specific versions of the titles such as if they will be social versions, if they’re made mobile play complete with in-app purchases—see The Sims Freeplay—or if they will simply be actual, older games ported to mobile platforms.

For those unfamiliar with the titles, Animal Crossing is a life sim where your character simply lives their life in a new town. Players are able to give gifts to locals, leave gifts for other players, visit other players’ towns, assist in the rebuilding and landscaping of the town, and design the interior of their own homes at the minimum.

Fire Emblem is a tactical RPGs where players will take turns with a computer controlled opponent. The A.I normally will often use situation-specific moves to take out your opponent. The game is known not only for the strong mechanics, but also for the permanent death feature.

Social title Miitomo is already out on mobile while Pokemon GO is looking at a release some time this year. Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing come out this fall. The titles will be in launch window company with Pokemon Sun and Moon, coming around the same time.

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