Animal Crossing: New Leaf – Released in Stores and Nintendo eShop


The highly anticipated Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been released today June 9th, 2013.  Reviews have been excellent thus far with IGN rating this game a 9.6/10.  New Leaf sold 1 million copies on its debut in Japan.  It would not be surprising to see this game do extremely well in the United States.

You can purchase this game in stores, and it is also being sold on the Nintendo eShop.  The normal price for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is $34.99.  You can also buy it as a bundle with an Animal Crossing themed 3ds for the low cost of $298.99.

Like other Animal Crossing games, up to 4 players can play on one game.  You can also connect with other players and even get items via SpotPass.  You control the town as the mayor, and you can lay the town out the way you want it.  Your house is your domain, and you can decorate it as you please.  Customize outfits, swim in the ocean, dig up fossils, or go on a fishing trip.  There are so many different features in this game that make it stand out compared with other Animal Crossing games, and yet keep the same feel.  Take a tour on the island with some friends if you get bored, and even show off your home via StreetPass.

We recommend this game to everyone!

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