Annan: Syrian Army Moved to Other Regions

The envoy of the United Nations and Arab League Kofi Annan announced on Tuesday that the Syrian army pulled back from some areas in Syria, but it enters other regions.

Annan said in a press conference after visiting a refugee camp of the Syrians locates in the Turkish-Syrian border, “The Syrian army withdraw from some areas, but it enters other regions were not targeted in the past,” Annan declared. Also he stressed on the stopping of the violence in Syria “without preconditions”.

“Once again, we ask from the Syrian government and Syrian authorities to stop the violence according to the peace plan and I think it should be no preconditions to stop it”.

According to activists a new bombing by the Syrian army on Tuesday in several town caused in killing dozens of people. Base on reports, Syrian oppositions are following the Annan’s plan and they have removed parts of their forces from Damascus.

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