Apple Invests $25 Million In Expansion Into India

Apple Invests $25 Million In Expansion Into India

Photo Credit: Business Insider

With its Cupertino campus still being built, Apple has decided to establish another company hub in Hyderabad, India.

The new facility is looking to be more than a regional hub and will see development coming out of India with $25 million being invested. Apple is expecting some 4,500 workers when the facility is completed.

India is a market where Apple doesn’t have a firm foothold in mobile. Despite that, the company did see sales improvement in 2015 so there’s potential for even more growth given it’s a frontier for larger companies in the mobile arena.

Outside of development, establishing a base in India serves an important business purpose since the company’s wares are sold through retailers in the market. Having picked up a retail license, Apple could be looking to make a serious effort to break into India and establish stores in the region to sell its products directly.


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