Apple Opens The Doors For Non-iOS Trade-Ins For iPhone Discounts

Apple Opens The Doors For Non-iOS Trade-Ins For iPhone Discounts

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of jumping from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, Apple looks to make that a decision that is easier to make. Apple’s trade-in program will now allow for Android, BlackBerry, and Windows smartphones to be traded for discount for a new iPhone. The wider reaching program kicks off in major iPhone markets: the US, Canada, the UK, and parts of Europe (France, Italy, and Germany).

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As expected its best to turn in a recent phone with some value to get the most out of the discount program. Going through the discount program, one shouldn’t expect too much for their phone since Apple and Brightstar—who run the actual program—are going to still want some cash out of the deal.

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While the suggested best bet of going through eBay or Craigslist to peddle your phone—or anything for that matter—is for those who don’t mind the waiting game of seeing who will pay for the smartphone, Apple’s program is a quicker means towards getting your iPhone on the spot.



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