Apple Checking Into 1.5-Inch Displays For Smartwatch

Apple Checking Into 1.5-Inch Displays For Smartwatch

While the above is a mockup by Italian studio ADR, it does seem as though Apple is testing the waters with OLED displays for its smartwatch. The OLED displays—used in more expensive HD televisions—are 1.5 inches and hail from RiTdisplay. Foxconn will be make 1,000 iWatches to use as a test run to see how they work among Apple employees.

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As the name implies, the iWatch is an iPhone/watch hybrid and different from the watchphone hybrid we’ve mentioned in the past. It’s possible that the iWatch could see a mass release—especially after a successful test run. The iWatch would be a piece of communication technology that could see wide immediately unlike the Google Glass which would take a while to catch on and not appear weird.

The iWatch is basically that—a watch. Of course the question of “Does anyone actually use wristwatches anymore?” Of course some holdouts still do even though the wristwatch is more of a status piece of fashion, similar to owning wearing expensive jewelry. A wristwatch typically does one thing whereas a smartphone does a wristwatch’s job and then some.

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So, if a smartphone—in this case the iPhone—can do what a wristwatch can do and more, then why would you need a smartwatch? Why would you need a smartwatch if you would need to have it connected to your main device? While the answer is best left for when/if said device—the iWatch—debuts, the short answer is that you wouldn’t unless the iWatch can operate independently of your iPhone and still allow for you to make calls from it. Having the watch tell you “You’ve got a call” or “You have a text” which results in you checking your phone is just tedious. It saved you no time unless it was someone you just didn’t wish to speak to.

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Of course if the smartwatch did allow for you to make calls without needing to have you smartphone on you, that would be a huge leap. It wouldn’t just be a completist’s item of brand loyalty. In any case, the iWatch is definitely something that could possibly move units and get other companies interested in smartwatches if successful.

We’ll see if anything becomes of this iWatch development in the future. The outcome of the test run is sure to be interesting.

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