Apple Releases Fix For iPad Pro 9.7-inch iOS Update Error

Apple Releases Fix For iPad Pro 9.7-inch iOS Update Error

Remember the iOS update for Apple’s 9.7” iPad Pros that bricked devices? Well Apple has released a fix for the version 9.3.2 update. The update gave users an “error 56” warning and suggested the user head to iTunes to salvage the device. In this case iTunes did nothing to solve the problem or restore the state hence it ending up being a brick. Luckily you can install the fix now.

It’s a good turn around by Apple who is generally known for responding to product issues rather quickly. The cause of the update error was never explained by the company and for the most part it doesn’t matter since there’s no alternate fixes—you simply install the update—but it would be great to know the cause for the error.

For those who decided to play it safe and wait to install the fix, go ahead and download. If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to update without incident you’re good to go. If the iOS update bricked your iPad Pro it’s best to get your replacement from Apple.

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