Apple iPhone 5 Available for Pre-Order in Iran

Apple iPhone 5 Available for Pre-Order in Iran

Iranians are counting down the time for receiving their iPhone 5. Apple has became one of the most reliable and popular brand in Iran during the recent years.

After launching Apple iPhone 5 in the United States during the last week, Iranian websites and shops started to accept pre-orders. The official price of iPhone 5 is set on $199 plus a new two-year wireless service contract. But Iranian vendors sell the same smart phone for higher price in order to include their profits, taxes, shipping costs and etc.

Dollar rate against Iran’s Rial is fluctuating too much but currently the exchange rate is 26,790 Rials. Base on the current exchange rate the 64GB model of iPhone 5 is available for 34,500,000 Rials ($1287) and its 32GB model is 29,500,000 Rials ($1100). Apple iPhone 5 16GB is also available for 26,500,000 Rials ($988). The aforementioned prices are according to Since Apple phones don’t naturally support Iran’s cellphone network, all the products will get jailbroken.

Apple is not legally allowed to ship its products to Iran, according to the sanctions by United States against Iran. But the phones, laptops and other products of Apple are very popular inside Iran and they have powerful fan base locally. Iranian importers usually smuggle these smart phones from Dubai.

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