Apple Looking Forward To Black Friday With Deals On Devices and Shopping App

Apple Looking Forward To Black Friday With Deals On Devices and Shopping App

Apple looks to be gearing up the big Black Friday sale in the U.S. It should be noted that this is also one of those ever so rare occasions when the iPad, iPhone, and other devices fall into a comfortable enough price range for your average consumer.

The company stated that it would be slashing prices—or at least giving a mild discount—on their wares on November 29, but didn’t mention what the pricing model would be exactly. If prior Black Friday deals are any indication then we can expected $50 to be shaved from iPad products and $100 from the company’s Mac computers.

If the suspected pricing doesn’t sit well with you, other big building retailers tend to offer the devices with a kind of work around. Apple doesn’t allow for Target, Walmart, and other stores to cut prices on their products, so some offer gift cards with the device that can then be applied and knock the price down to something comfortable.

For the adventurous online shopper out there eBay and Amazon are other avenues to check out as the price on a working, used Apple device is sometimes better than what is offered at the brick and mortar stores.

Keeping with online stores, the products offered directly through Apple go on sale midnight following Thanksgiving. The Cupertino-based company also has an Apple Store app should you be too full to get to the computer.

If you happen to be a battle tested, brick and mortar Black Friday warrior, sales usually kick off midnight, but it depends on the store. Just be sure to be careful with the weather and try not to hurt anyone while grabbing the goods you popped up for.

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