Apple Could Be Nearing Media Subscription Bundle

Apple Could Be Nearing Media Subscription Bundle

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to evolve as a company. While mobile phones will keep the coffers full, streaming music and original viewing content are where consumers are going for their entertainment. It’s obvious that Apple sees this and is jumping on board with a rumored triple subscription bundle.

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The bundle is rumored to include Apple Music, original viewing content, and whatever becomes of Texture, the magazine subscription app. Texture was purchased earlier in the year with the intent of integrating it into Apple News.

Release and prices are all up to speculation at the moment but one common thing is that two of Apple’s services have that $10 price–Apple Music and Apple News. It’s possible that the company will bundle them together and offer a cost saving price to lure subscribers. Of course, the option to just have one service and not the other will remain.

If Apple aims to have $50 billion in subscriptions by 2021, the best bet would be either bundle everything, offer bundle tier of two, or drop the price on services to something competitors wouldn’t touch. Is it a likely option for Apple? Not really but it will be interesting to see what promotions come out of this from Apple and potential competitor Amazon.


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