Apple Ordered To Honor Warranty On Water Damaged iPod Touch and iPhone Devices

Apple Ordered To Honor Warranty On Water Damaged iPod Touch and iPhone Devices

Legal news early in the week and it’s Apple related. Cue the stock audience “Oooh!” effect. There is to be a $53 million settlement between Apple and their customers who were stiff-armed when it came to warranty coverage on iPhones and iPods over water damage. Note that iPads were excluded…maybe because it would be utterly deliberate that you were attempting to take out your iPad using water. Or maybe water damage is covered in iPad warranties. My scenario is better.

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This comes down to Apple’s policy not offering coverage on devices with indicator tape showing exposure to liquids. Not to be halted, plaintiffs made sure it was known that the tape could change color because of simple moisture or humidity. Of course Apple denies it did anything wrongdoing here. Plaintiffs with claims dating back to before June 2010 or prior to December 31st 2009 are up to claim at the most $300—this is dependent on how many claims were in circulation and what kind of device was damaged.

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It’s a good thing that people are being compensated even though this could’ve been settled back in late 2009-mid 2010 and avoided having to dole out $53 million. Sure it’s just walking around money to the tech giant, but it’s still an avoidable nuisance. It’s not surprising since warranties are something companies tend not to want to honor. Some will do it just to keep customers quiet and from being a thorn and some will do it out of simple customer loyalty.

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Most of the things that a warranty covers are seen to be avoidable anyway. When it’s for a cracked/crushed phone or water damage, the proper response is “How did this happen? What did you do to your phone? What extraordinary situation were you in that your phone was not only submerged in water but apparently crushed?” This is pretty much because its expected that you would take care of a $400+ to $650+ device and keep it out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, a roving band of lakes just shows up to accost your iPhone or a runaway steamroller plows over your iPod while its in the street.

These things happen and Apple should be ready with coverage.


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