Apple Press Event Scheduled For September 9th

Apple Press Event Scheduled For September 9th


Fall is usually the time when either new handsets are unveiled or they’re released. They can be released at any time mind you, but fall tends to be the best time for anything tech related to be paraded out by companies in time for the holiday season. So with there being scuttlebutt about Apple’s September 9th event the focus is on the flagship iPhone. As a matter of fact, the actual surprise would be in iPhone not being announced on this date.

With a month’s wait, what should you expect at the event? The short answer is to look at the Apple family of devices and take note that now everything is about having your devices working in harmony with each other. What new ways can the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch work with Apple TV for instance. As far as the main event devices you’re looking at iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

The other thing that goes in tandem devices working in harmony are the new features. While there can be the feeling that at a certain point Apple devices can do it all, that’s simply at that moment. As a matter fact, as far as features go you’re looking at improvements on existing features and a few new ones with hardware improvements being the most significant.

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