Apple Requests Samsung Pay $22 Million In Legal Fees


In the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung, the Cupertino-based company has requested that Samsung cover its legal fees and cost—totaling to around $22 million.

The lawsuit was been raging over iPhone and iPad patents. When split up, $16 million goes to general legal fees and includes lawyers who were paid more than $100,000. Another $6.2 is for what amounts to miscellaneous costs related to proving their case.

Last year, a federal jury deemed Samsung did indeed violate several Apple trademarks from the iPhone and iPad and use them in their Galaxy family of devices. The costs originally came out to $930 million.

U.S District Judge Lucy Koh, the judge who presided over the Apple and Samsung’s original legal bout over the patents, will look into the fee request in a January hearing. With the case ongoing, that cost could rise.

As reported in a previous update on their current legal battle, Apple and Samsung will meet up in March for another patent case relating to their recent devices.

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