Apple Seeking $180M In Damages From Samsung

Apple Seeking $180M In Damages From Samsung

Recently Samsung and Apple have come to an agreement that would see Samsung pay the Cupertino-based tech giant $548 million. Now Apple is seeking another $180 million on top of that for damages because of five unspecified device models sold after 2012.

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The devices in this period are a more specific group than the twenty devices Apple went after Samsung for in 2013. At the time it Judge Lucy Koh also felt that Apple didn’t prove that a number of those the older smartphones infringed on patents to the point of being a threat and warranting them being removed from shelves.

Apple and Samsung kicked off their patent battle in 2011 and it raged globally until recently when Samsung agreed to pay the mentioned settlement. The back and forth battle also saw the two call a truce on their international legal battles. Of course that didn’t mean that everything would die down on the U.S front.

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This is extended to the two reaching their agreement. It doesn’t point to the slate being clear between Apple and Samsung as there will always be money on the table that Apple can’t leave there. It’s unlikely Samsung will want to pay $180 million on top of the $548 million the company paid to Apple, so expect push back.

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