Apple Will Unveil New iPad on October 22

It has been confirmed, on October 22 Apple will hold an event where they will present the new line of iproducts and we will surely see the new iPad 5.

As expected the current information about the new gadget from Apple is extremely rare, but it is also easy to imagine ways the iPad could improve. This new version will surely share the iPad Mini design maintaining its 9.7-inch display, which would make it thinner and lighter.

Apple Will Unveil New iPad on October 22

What probably will happen is a design change, no matter what, because the iPad has not changed since its third generation. We expect at least switch to an anodized aluminum cover, as we have seen with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The new iPad 5 could completely revamp its interior from what we hear from Tim Cook or Phil Schiller when they talk about “the new chip is 2 times more powerful than the last.” Yes, there will be new chip, A7 in all probability, double the current performance of the A6X on the iPad 4. As chip cores go it appears to be 4, but in this section we must move with caution, because we all know that Apple is able to get much performance with very little. As far as we can see the hardware will not undergo a quantum leap with reference to the previous model and certainly the software used is the iOS 7.

A rumor around social networks is the color iPads, repeating what they did with the iPod Touch and iPhone 5C and incorporates the same variety of colors on anodized aluminum.

Apart from the colors rumors also talk about the possibility that Apple could include technology from the Senseg company. This technology is capable of generating an electric field on the touch screen and creating a stimulating sense on the fingers as if one were touching different textures.

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