Apple’s Value Exceeds $500 Billion

Thanks to its revenues and the success of their products, “Apple” value in the market exceeded $500 billion and it is possible to compare them with the major car companies such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, Nissan and others giants .

According to U.S. media that after the companies were producing cars which are the foundation of national economies, the value of the company “Apple” is similar to the value of both Toyota and Daimler, Honda, Ford, Nissan and General Motors, Renault, Peugeot and Tesla Society, which is estimated at more than half a trillion Dollars .

Its pointed out that the value of the “Apple” is 16 times larger than the value of the company, “Dell” (31 billion dollars) and about 6 times more than the “HP” (51 billion dollars). According to the report , “Apple” value is also more than “Google” (200 billion dollars) and “Microsoft” (267 billion) combined . Its pointed out that this achievement coincides with reports on the determination of the “Apple” release device “iPad 3” means that revenues will grow more and more .

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