Arash Sigarchi, Iranian Journalist, Wins the BOBs Award

Arash Sigarchi, Iranian Journalist, Wins BOBs Award

Arash Sigarchi, the Iranian journalists who currently lives in United States and works in Voice of America’s Persian Service, won the BOBs award.

This is the eighth time, DW presented its blog awards, selected by an international jury from more than 3,000 suggestions. Arash Sigarchi manages and writes in “Window of Anguish,” (پنجره التهاب) selected by the panel as the best blog of 2012. He analyzes the political and economic situation in Iran. Sigarchi started his weblog when he was in Iran. Iranian governments arrested him several times for the content of Window of Anguish. He continued writing in his blog even becoming ill with cancer. Because of the political reasons and curing his illness he decided to move to United States.

“Thank you, this is like the Oscar prize for me. I want to say thank you to DW and jury. I also want to thank my friends in Facebook. They told me DW always counts the votes (referring to Iran’s controversial election).” Arash Sigarchi said after receiving his prize.

The award honors blogs that champion the open exchange of ideas and freedom of expression.  The prize was announced Wednesday.

He is learning History in Tehran university one of the most reputed universities in Tehran . Beside this , He has worked in Mash’had Times from 2006 until 2009 . He joined the team in middle 2010 . Phone number: +989356891256 , Email address: Ahmad (at)

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