Atari To Bring 100 Classics To Steam Via Atari Vault

Atari To Bring 100 Classics To Steam Via Atari Vault

For the fairly old gamers, the Atari 2600 and the NES were our introduction to console gaming—NES for yours truly—and in some cases, gaming in general. Atari hasn’t had the best of times lately business-wise and there’s still holdouts waiting for a Sierra-esque return as a regular developer, but one thing you can count on from Atari is that there will be no shortage of collections.

Atari 2600 Excavation Findings To Go Into Auction and Museum Collections

If you’re a fan of Atari collections, you’ll be glad to hear that the company will release 100 classics for play on your browser via the Atari Vault and Steam. Call it a megamix, a compilation, a collection, or whatever but it will allow players to use the Steam Controller.

On the competitive and co-op gaming side, online and local multiplayer for a number of titles will be included. This means that the score keeping from old Atari games—which has always been more of a cabinet thing than a console thing—could be an actual thing.

The Atari Vault is scheduled to strike in the spring. Here’s hoping Galaxian and Galaga are there as well. For now if you’re looking for ultra retro gaming goodness, the Archive has a ton—including Atari titles…and yes, even some of the taboo Mystique games are there.

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