AT&T Looking At Drones To Get Dependable Cell Service To Event Goers

AT&T Looking At Drones To Get Dependable Cell Service To Event Goers

AT&T are looking to provide its cell service at events where cell service is hard to come by or just isn’t strong enough. One solution it has come up with is the use of drones.

The approach would see AT&T build drones with cell extensions inside and having them fly over event crowds. The company is currently running with “Flying COWs”—cell on wings—as the name of these mini flying cell towers.

Earlier in the year, the company said that drones would be used to inspect cell phone towers for maintenance purposes. This would eliminate needing to send maintenance workers up towers only to send them up again to fix tower issues.

If AT&T is using drones for this purpose it could be expected that the company would use them for concerts or other gatherings. As a matter of fact, these drones would get a ton of use given the number of major concerts, conventions, and possibly even sporting events where they could be deployed. If the concept catches on, other carriers would be certain to jump on it.

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