AT&T Sweetens The Pot With U-Verse Deal For Customers Looking To Ditch Cable

AT&T Sweetens The Pot With U-Verse Deal For Customers Looking To Ditch Cable

Leaving cable television behind and going internet only is becoming a regular occurrence with higher speeds and growing dissatisfaction with package plans. Now AT&T is joining in on accommodating those potential subscribers considering such a move and offering a special U-Verse package that includes broadband and a few other major services for $40.

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The bundle comes with U-Basic TV—similar to services other ISP offer where customers are able to view cable/digital channels off TV and on various devices—U-Verse Internet Max Plus, HBO, and HBO Go. On top of that, a year of Amazon Prime comes with it.

For customers looking for something a little less costly, but still bringing a pretty good package, AT&T is testing out a stripped down bundle that comes with just broadband and Amazon Prime for $30 a month. This deal is available in a few large markets such as San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, and Houston. This particular deal isn’t renewable as after a year, customers are rolled into AT&T’s normal prices.

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Both are great deals given that customers who are considering cutting the cord mainly stick with more accommodating services such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, HBO Go and Amazon Plus and can avoid commercials. Also most customers looking at going internet only tend to be net savvy enough to find a way that would allow them to view network and cable television should they want to catch shows live.

SOURCE: AT&T U-Verse Online Exclusive

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