Attorney Generals Breathe Down Google’s Neck On Illicit Ads

Attorney Generals Breathe Down Google's Neck On Illicit Ads

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According to Reuters, Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt have requested that Google stop putting ads for obtaining drugs without a prescription before YouTube videos and in search results ads—which usually appear in a beige colored box above the actual results on the page.

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The drugs offered in these ads include percocet and oxycontin—painkillers that can go for double or more of the pharmacy price on the street. On top of that, these ads also give advice on getting false identifying documents such as driver and state Ids and passports as well as getting knock off merchandise.

Of the ads the two wrote, “Not only are the activities depicted or promoted in the above-described videos illegal in and of themselves, but in the case of document forgery, the how-to guide could be instrumental in the commission of other crimes ranging from under-age drinking to acts of terrorism,”

In response to the note and concerns raised, Google wrote that they “…work to prevent ads appearing against any video, channel or page once we determine that the content is not appropriate for our advertising partners,” In a blog entry from last month, Google stated that they were working to limit the amount of the number of legit drug company ads and eliminate “rogue online pharmacies” which put out ads for drugs without prescriptions. This came after Jim Hood—Mississippi’s Attorney General—put heat to them with threat of a subpoena to investigate if the company allowed for the sale of drugs sans a prescriptions and other illicit material such as music, games, and movies gathered illegally.

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