Awesome Ways Normal People Will use Google Glass

Awesome Ways Normal People Will use Google GlassGoogle Glass has created much hype, showing many outrageous examples of its use in activities like skydiving, BMX biking, or plain old stalking. But those kind of extreme, limited-use applications don’t make it seem worth shelling out $1500 for a single pair. Perhaps that’s why Google’s demo at SXSW introduced us to the many ways we normal people can use Glass for totally practical every day tasks.

For instance, recording a concert; perhaps now we can enjoy a show without having our phones in the air the entire time.

Follow a map, avoid traffic, and see your real-time fitness and health stats while running and biking.

Follow a complicated recipe while cooking or baking, without constantly touching your phone, tablet, or computer with messy fingers.

People with disabilities would be able to communicate much easier, and Glass could become an integral part of their life. It could most definitely improve the quality of their lives.

With the New York Times app, keep up to date with the latest news, as Glass can announce and display the latest headlines.

Backing up your data will be automatic. Take a photo, and Google Glass will automatically upload it to Evernote. Losing your information would be a thing of the past.

Pull up street view when you are looking for an obscure restaurant or random street. You don’t want to look like a tourist or make yourself a target for mugging while traveling with your phone out.

That horrible feeling where you run into someone and they know you but you cannot for the life of you remember their name? No problem. Google Glass is the ultimate Rolodex.

Helping your parents with tech support can be quite meddlesome. In the future, when your mom asks you how to upload photos, yet again, make a video from a first person point of view instead of trying to talk her through it.

These are just some of the examples Google showed us at their SXSW demo. They assured as there are a ton of ways Glass would be useful. It’s nice to see Google Glass used in simple every day tasks, and perhaps it will simply facilitate life in general.

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