Baidu Plans To Test Autonomous Car In U.S

Baidu Plans To Test Autonomous Car In U.S

Beijing-based search company Baidu will be testing its self-driving cars in the U.S. According to The Wall Street Journal, the company set a two year window for its car to hit the automobile market.

The two year window puts Baidu in similar company as Google, Apple, and other companies with the same launch window. The Beijing search giant is looking to present its self-driving vehicle as a mode of public transit.

Baidu laid the ground work for testing in the United States with offices in Sunnyvale, California and a number of employees focusing on the self-driving car. It looks as though the concept and technology of the car are already done or very close to completion given that several other companies are already road.

With BMW—a company Baidu had plans to manufacture an autonomous car—planning to manufacture its own self-driving car and GM looking close to diving into the arena, it seems as though it’s time for Baidu to jump in.

Business and technology are very fluid. While Baidu said it had an interest in presenting its vehicle in a public transit role, performance and design could lend the car to being a commercial offering. In the same way we’ve seen Google’s self-driving car develop over the years, we’ll have to see how Baidu’s car does in the future.

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