Best new high-tech gadgets for 2013

Best new high-tech gadgets for 2013

High tech gadgets come and go every year but there are a few that tend to stand out above the rest. Here’s our take on the best of the best from 2012 that are sure to be highly popular again this year in tablets, time pieces, smart phones and home entertainment. Take a look and judge for yourself.

With an extra-strong battery life, high-res touch screen and superlative performance, the Acer Aspire S7 ultrabook is truly in a class by itself.  As one of the few first Windows 8 laptops, the Aspire proves that Apple does not corner the market on sleek designs and functionality.

At first glance the Pebble smartwatch seems like a standard enhanced timepiece. You can sync it to iOS or Android phones so that caller information and incoming messages are displayed but what sets the Pebble apart, besides exceedingly good design is its flexible software skills.  Users can configure the watch via the Cloud as well as have customized push alerts.

Panasonic’s TC-PST50 TV is both affordable and has exceedingly overall high picture quality. Unlike LCD units, this plasma screen offers unmatchable off-angle and uniformity characteristics. Both attractive

When it comes to new and innovative Windows phones, the Nokia Lumia 920 breaks new ground.  The phone offers wireless charging and a touchscreen sensitive enough to use while wearing gloves. Nokia also fills a few missing feature gaps left out by the Windows Phone operating system. Although a bit heavier and thicker than other Windows Phones, the Lumia 920 offers a feature rich experience unlike other similar phones.

Released under the code name “Project Fiona” the newly released Razer’s Edge Tablet gives an innovative approach to mobile devices with specs that are the result of feedback given from hard-core gamers. Running a full-fledged Windows 8 OS with an Intel Core processor and NVidia GeForce graphics, the Edge easily splits the difference between a “normal” tablet and a hardcore gaming device.

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Yoga 13 take the 13-inch ultrabook and gives it the added attraction of a 360-degree screen attached to a laptop body that can change into three different user positions of a stand, tent or slate.  What’s even better is the smooth operation of the Yoga 13 isn’t affected by all the change ups.  Great graphics, high quality software and long lasting battery make this bendable lap top a perfect on the go device for business, school or pleasure all without compromising performance quality.


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