Bet365 Bans Iran Users

Bet365 Bans Iran Users

The United Kingdom based gambling website, Bet365, has decided to ban all the Iranian accounts in order to comply with the latest regulations and terms of European Union. Bet365 was one of the most famous and popular gambling websites in world which used to serve Iranian clients despite the international sanctions against Iran.

In fact Bet365 was a reputed and reliable gambling website in Iran since they used to have official representatives in Iran but the company recently cut its ties with Iranian side and finally wants to ban Iranian customers.

Bet365 will close Iran based accounts on 26th November 2012, however, the company has announced that all the remaining funds in accounts can be withdrawn in the usual manner prior to 23:59 on 25th November. It’s good to know that Bet365 still allows its customers to bet on Iran’s local competitions including Iran Pro League.

It’s worth noting that the giant gambling website is officially blocked in Iran by local Filtering Committee. During the recent years, Iranian webmasters opened many gambling websites but Iran’s Cyber Police have arrested several people linking to managing such “illegal” websites. Since Iran is ruled by Sharia laws, any type of gambling is forbidden in country and all the Ayatollahs have labeled it as Haram.

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