BlackBerry To Release the Budget Q5 Phone This Summer

BlackBerry To Release the Budget Q5 Phone This Summer

At BlackBerry Live 2013, the company unveiled their new BlackBerry Q5 budget phone. It is scheduled to have a worldwide launch this summer with July being the target month for Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. As it stands there was no mention about the pricing for the device.

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BlackBerry will be offering several colors for the handset in pink, red, white, and black. The phone is said to be running using BlackBerry 10. The Q5 will allow the company to cast its line in the lower budget arena where there is a demand for smartphones, but the purchasing power just isn’t there when it comes to some of the prices for the devices sans a plan. While this particular area of the market does seem like it would generate much considering the target, people will definitely flock to what is affordable and functional and not just functional, new, and in the mix with top tier competitors.

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The included features for the BlackBerry Q5 are a full keyboard and 3.1 inch touchscreen—just to name a few. It also bears a resemblance to the Q10. It also has the features of BlackBerry 10.1—which it is running on. BlackBerry 10.1 also powers the BlackBerry Q10 and will power the BlackBerry Z10.

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