Blatter Expressed His Apology to Brazil

The head of the International Federation of Football “FIFA” Sepp Blatter express his apology to Brazil after the comment made by Jerome Falk , the Secretary-General on recent delays in Brazil’s preparations to host the 2014 World Cup .

“My comment on this subject is only to offer apologies to all of the wounded honor and dignity, especially the Brazilian government and head of the country, Dilma Rousseff.” Blatter said in a letter to Sports Minister Aldo Rebelo , published by the Brazilian government .

Falk also apologized for his comments by saying “I want to offer my apologies to all offended by my statements.” in his letter to Brazilian governments .

Falk said last week that Brazil needs a “kick in the ass” in order to urge them to speed up the work and FIFA’s fed up with the delay in the work of infrastructure, especially airports, hotels, two years before the start of the World Cu p. But Falk was considered in his letter that his comments were interpreted incorrectly because the term “kick in the ass” in French means to urge you to do something faster and that the Portuguese translation carried the meaning of the sentence is much stronger .


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