BMW Launches Car Sharing Service In Seattle

BMW Launches Car Sharing Service In Seattle

When your company manufacturers its own vehicles that gives you variety of business opportunities outside of retail. The company could go the delivery route, transportation, or as GM is gearing up for—ride-sharing. It looks as though BMW is going that same route with its new ReachNow service.

ReachNow is currently based in Seattle and will see 370 cars from three of the company’s lines on the road: 3 Series, i3s, and Mini Coopers. Drivers will be able to drive the car anywhere within the city but it will have to be left in a “Home Area” where it can be picked up—usually downtown.

Potential drivers will be able to use an app which will let them know where the nearest Home Area and ReachNow vehicle is located. The service will charge a rate of 49-cents a minute with a fee of 30-cents per minutes while parked.

As a promotional launch price, drivers can use ReachNow at 41-cents a minute. This rate is best for point A to B drives: daily drive to work and back home, etc. A trip the store and back might be a bit pricier. ReachNow also offers more concrete, discount prices for longer drives at $50, $80, and $110 for 3 hours, 12 hours, and 24 hours respectively.

ReachNow is a service that had a lot testing by BMW with its test run in San Francisco and with DriveNow in Europe. It wouldn’t be surprising to see ReachNow pop up in more cities along the west coast as agreements are made with local transit committees before the year is out before branching out next year.

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