California Man Spends $1M In Stolen Funds On Mobile Title Game of War

California Man Spends $1M In Stolen Funds On Mobile Title Game of War

Normally when mobile games and excessive amounts of money spent on them are mentioned it’s because of in-game purchases and the previous lack of account security that prevented children from buying content. In the case of 45-year old Kevin Lee Co, it was all intentional.

A former employee of California machinery dealer Holt, Co was a part of the company’s accounting department. This gave him access to credit card information of clients and customers which he used to embezzle funds in May 2008 and allowed him to hide his theft for several years.

The money stolen was spent of a variety of things such as season tickets to San Francisco 49ers and the Sacramento Kings games, plastic surgery, a golf course membership, and $1 million to popular mobile game Game of War. By 2015 he had left the company.

The theft was eventually found out by the FBI and IRS. Kevin Lee Co pled guilty to wire fraud and money laundering—each charge carrying a maximum of 20 years each. Co will find out his fate in May.

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