Children Speaking Two Languages ​​Are Better at Doing Multiple Tasks

A new study finds that children who speak two languages ​​are better at doing multiple tasks, compared to those who speak one language, but slower in building their vocabulary.

Health Day News published the result of an study by researchers at the Canadian University of York. They found through their studies, which included 140 children in the age of six. Researchers compared those speak English only with those speak in Chinese, or French, or Spanish too. Accordingly those children who speak two languages had better performance at doing multiple tasks.

Children have been asked to press a key on a keyboard, when they saw a series of images on the screen to either animals or illustrated (color), it is clear that when the answer is limited to one group, i.e., either animals or fees, The answers are all children the same speed.

But when asked the children press two different keys to see the pictures of the two groups, those who speak two languages ​​were the fastest in it, and also appeared that children who speak English only attained higher scores on tests of language, grammar and vocabulary, as they are able to focus on one language, while those who speak both languages ​​is divided their time between different languages.

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