Strategy Franchise Civilization Will Get A Version For Educational Use

Strategy Franchise Civilization Will Get A Version For Educational Use

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Take-Two announced that the fifth main installment of Firaxis’ Civilization series would be a part of North American classrooms next fall. The popular turn-based strategy game will get an educational version called CivilizationEDU and will be a part of the historical curriculum in some schools where the game is made available.

Civilization is a long running franchise that came out of a 1980 board game by the same name and was scooped up by Sid Meier and his MicroProse studio, known for producing a great amount of historical strategy and simulation games such as Pirates!

The game focuses on developing a civilization from the earliest the B.C period and taking it into the A.D period while competing against other developing civilizations. Being the first in scientific and cultural development, the most influential in trade, and the most powerful military-wise are all important goals in the game.

Players also have to establish working relationships with other nations while assisting or staying out of their squabbles with rival nations. Players’ cities can fall victim to invasions by barbarians or rival civilizations or even espionage.

CivilizationEDU will be developed in cooperation with GlassLab which will bring analytics tools to the main Civilization V game. These analytics will mainly allow the tracking of student progress in the game, but give students tutorials and lesson objectives.

While CivilizationEDU won’t be out until next year—and even then it’s for schools—fans of the series and curious newcomers can get in on Civilization VI which comes out in October. As for older games in the franchise, they can be found on sale on Steam.

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