Comcast Launches Watchable Service

Comcast has plunged full on into the streaming service arena with the launch of Watchable. News of the company developing its own service was first mentioned last month and already has a variety of known programs that had their origins as online broadcasts and features.

Comcast Launches Watchable

While most streaming services feature a heavy combination of parent network content and self-produced content, a lot of Watchable’s content comes primarily from a mixture of parent and child networks.

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Of the significant networks featured there’s Mashable, BuzzFeed, The Young Turks, Machinima, NBCUniversal, The Onion, Vice, and Vox Media. Looking at the list, Watchable leans heavily towards online-centric networks and like any streaming service will run across many different genres of programming.

Comcast says that Watchable can be used on iOS, PC, and the Comcast X1 box. Not only that, the app will be available free and ad-supported. Being a new service, the company seems to be all in on growing it to include a wider variety of content in the coming months.

“As the video industry continues to evolve, Comcast will continue to experiment,” a statement read.  “We’ll continue to make investments in new media, create different ways for people to watch the movies and shows they love and test offerings that have the potential to attract new audiences.”

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