Comcast To Get In On Streaming Video With Watchable

Comcast To Get In On Streaming Video With Watchable

Comcast is looking to get into the streaming video business to compete with the likes of YouTube and Facebook. At the moment the platform is being called Watchable and will showcase content from AwesomenessTV, BuzzFeed, The Onion, and the Vox Media family to name a few. The company’s partners will be free to publish their content on Comcast’s eventual competitors’ services.

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So far the plans of distribution for Watchable haven’t been detailed by Comcast although Business Insider points to the company possibly making the service available to Xfinity customers before branching out into iOS and Android devices.

It’s hard to say whether Comcast is coming to the game late given other competitors are getting around to making their own streaming video services, but it will definitely be hard to compete with established services like Netflix, Hulu, Vine, and YouTube who are expanding into other areas and drawing attention from big brands. On the bright side Comcast having its own streaming service will open the door to allowing it to produce its own content for different audiences and draw audiences from demographics that are flocking less to broadcast TV and cable and more to online streaming.

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