Connected Data’s Transporter V2.0 Due Out In June

Connected Data's Transporter V2.0 Due Out In June

Connected Data—who merged with Drobo on Monday—announced their newest piece of software for Drobo. The Transporter v2.0 as it is called allows for users to share data online through a Dropbox-like form of cloud storage sans a subscription fee and Drobo is a network attached storage device—a NAS. The Transporter was launched via Kickstarter sometime last year and would be priced at $200 for basic hardware, $300 for 1TB, and of course $400 for 2TB.

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With the second version, there will be obvious improvements on both PC and Mac through Explorer and Finder respectively such as drag-and-drop and right click—both of which are standard. If users wish to share links to files and sync their folders locally or remotely, that can be done as well and its actually an easier experience this time around.

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There will also be apps for iOS and Android which allow for remote access to Transporter. Expect Transporter V2.0 sometime next month.

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