New Video Showcases Cortana In Project Spartan

New Video Showcases Cortana In Project Spartan

Back in the January Windows 10 media event Microsoftshowcased the successor to their long time Internet Explorer browser. Known internally as Project Spartan, it includes Cortana functionality and a few other features. Design-wise the new browser is more in line with modern browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Microsoft’s “Spartan” Is A New Browser For Windows 10

The January event has been the only actual exposure everyone has seen of the browser—until now. WinBeta managed to get a copy of Project Spartan and produced a demo of the browser in action. The demo focuses mainly on the Cortana features, but gives a pretty good glimpse at what Window 10’s browser will be able to do.

In looking at the demo it basically shows what Microsoft showcased at the January event when it comes to Cortana. This is mostly providing more information on whatever was searched for in the way of directions and operational hours for a business for instance. Cortana also fetches the local weather instantly when a user types “weather” in the address bar.

The company said that Project Spartan would be included in the next Windows 10 preview. For now you can check out WinBeta’s demonstration of the new browser below.

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