Crowded Twitter Timeline? A Mute Feature Could Come Soon

Crowded Twitter Timeline? A Mute Feature Could Come Soon

Last month Twitter released a new profile design which allows for better structuring of content, now Twitter is testing a new Mute feature on the mobile apps allowing for users to “silence” people who they follow.

The feature might come off as contradictory to some users—after all why follow someone if you’re just going to mute them from your timeline? To other users it makes perfect sense and is will come as a desired feature. Think of people you follow as obnoxious friends. You like to hang out with them—sometimes—or they’re nice to hang out with in small doses.

The same can be said for people you follow on Twitter. Some people you enjoy seeing what they talk about in your timeline then you have them discussing what game they watch or what they’re cooking, so you need a little break from them.

One thing about the tested feature is that it’s unknown if timed muted—allowing for users to silence them for an hour or two—will be implemented. With the amount of users followed it would be very easy to forget about someone that is muted.

Since the feature is still in the testing stage there is no window as to when it will be available to the public, but it definitely looks to be a feature that could make it to Twitter proper.

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