Cyber Crime Rose in Malaysia by 88% in 2011

Malaysian government announced on Thursday that Internet crime rose by 88% in 2011 where there was 15218 cases reported . This number in 2010 was only 8090 , according to the form of a “Cyber ​​Skiurete” on the monitor and prevent cyber crime in Malaysia .

The majority of crimes are related to fraud over the Internet by 5328 cases, followed by intrusions or attempted to intrusions by 4433 , state and harassment over the Internet by of 459 . Chief Executive of the Authority , Hussein Islanders believes the increase in the number of cyber crimes have become a source of serious concern amid the growing adoption of Malaysians on the Internet . Estimates indicate that more than 17 million people in the country’s population of about 28 million people use the Internet daily, where Malaysians spend an average of 20 hours per week on the Internet .

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